Feast of the Ascension (Latin)


This Thursday is the Feast of the Ascension - the 40th day after the Paschal Vigil. On this day, Christ consummates His Paschal mystery by entering into the true Holy of Holies not made by human hands. In the Old Covenant, the High Priest entered and sprinkled blood into the Holy of Holies. Similarly, on this feast day, the High Priest of the New Covenant entered into the true Holy of Holies not made by human hands and showed forth His own blood for our atonement. Therefore, this is a glorious feast day in our Church and brings to completion the work of Our Lord on earth until He comes again. These propers are the same for both the Extraordinary and Ordinary Forms of the Roman Liturgy.


Viri Galilaei, quid admiramini aspicientes in caelum? Alleluia. Quemadmodum vidistis eum ascendentem in caelum, ita veniet, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.
— Missale Romanum (1962); cf. Acts 1:11

Ant. Men of Galilee, why do you wonder as you look up into heaven? Alleluia. He shall come just as you have seen Him going up into heaven, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.

V. O clap your hands, all you nations; shout unto God with the voice of exultation.

V. Glory be...


Ascendit Deus in jubilatione, et Dominus in voce tubae, alleluia.
— Missale Romanum (1962); cf. Ps. 46:6

Ant. God has ascended in jubilation, and the Lord with the sound of a trumpet, alleluia.


Psallite Domino, qui ascendit super caelos caelorum ad Orientem, alleluia.
— Missale Romanum (1962); cf. Ps. 67:33,34

Ant. Sing to the Lord, Who has ascended above the heaven of heavens to the East, alleluia.